Neural Alpha | Connected Data tools & analysis for next generation & sustainable investing
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Next Generation Investment Management tools for the Sustainability era

What we do

Bespoke software solutions

Custom software for your investment approach leveraging Connected Data, AI & Semantic technology

Data Sourcing

Our consultants are experts at applying cutting edge technologies to investment research, risk and trading requirements.

Data Driven Research

Got an investment or sustainability idea you want to explore? Let us perform the analysis for you.

Next generation Investment Research & Risk Management software


Our solutions leverage AI, Graph Databases & Semantic Technology to help you answer the most challenging questions within your investment universe


All of our solutions come supercharged with the latest thought leadership from the Connected Data space including features such as:

Network analysis

Reveal hidden opportunities by leveraging graph technology & network analysis

Recommendation engine

Personalised trade and risk management recommendations for your portfolios & watchlists

Artificial Intelligence

Reduce your Investment Research costs using Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Analyse thousands of aggregated unstructured and structured datasources

Alternate Data

Capture alpha by analysing less crowded, harder to analyse data sources

Natural Language Processing

Analyse regulatory filings, annual reports, broker research, business news & other content

We work with organisations where Sustainable Investing is at the heart of what they do

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Things we like

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